• Best OE-quality
  • Top price/performance ratio
  • Manufacturing certified according to IATF-16949
  • Diverse product range
  • Durability and high load capacity

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ATEC condensers – Product description

Condensers consist of a serpentine coil that is firmly connected to fins. The condenser acts as a kind of “cooler” for the air conditioner. If you switch on the latter, the condensation process starts: The cooling fans become active and begin to cool down the refrigerant from the ambient air. In this process, the refrigerant, which has become gaseous through heating in the compressor, is returned to its original liquid form.

When you install the new condenser, you should not be surprised about the initial hissing noise. Since condensers are filled with nitrogen, such hissing is completely normal: if you remove the caps on the lines before installation, nitrogen escapes from the condenser and causes the typical noise. The hissing is even unavoidable with new, smoothly functioning capacitors. If you do not hear the noise, this indicates previous damage or leakage.

If you buy an ATEC capacitor, you get a high-quality product in the best OE quality – at a very attractive price/performance ratio. Our ATEC product catalogue is not only very well stocked: thanks to IATF-16949-certified manufacturing processes in selected partner production facilities, we can offer you a wide range of new ATEC capacitors that not only meet the latest EU standards, but are also particularly cost-effective.

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