• Best OE-quality
  • Manufacturing certified according to IATF-16949
  • Top price/performance ratio
  • Diverse product range
  • High-quality materials
  • Durability and high load capacity

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ATEC radiators – Product description

As an essential component of the so-called “large cooling circuit”, the radiator ensures regular cooling of the running combustion engine. When the cooling water temperature has exceeded a certain threshold, the thermostat switches on the water cooler.

The main task of the radiator is now to reduce the increased cooling water temperature. Here, the cooler discharges the warm steam produced by the overheating to the outside, into the ambient air.

If the water cooler is leaking or defective, there is a risk of serious engine damage. Therefore, you should take action at the first signs of conspicuousness and ensure a replacement in a timely manner.

If you choose an ATEC cooler, you can look forward to an optimal price/performance ratio. We work exclusively with partner production facilities that are all IATF-16949 certified. Thus, all coolers of the own brand ATEC meet the latest EU standards. Thanks to our diverse product catalogue, you can buy the ATEC radiator that fits your vehicle model – at a low price and in the best OE quality.


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