Shock absorbers

  • Best OE-quality
  • Production according to IATF-16949
  • Top price/performance ratio
  • Rich product range
  • Gas pressure & oil pressure shock absorbers
  • High load capacity

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ATEC shock absorbers – Product description

As part of the chassis, the shock absorber, together with the chassis spring, connects the wheel suspension to the body. As the name suggests, the shock absorbers have the task of compensating for road irregularities and reducing and braking the vibrations that inevitably occur during driving. If the shock absorbers are defective, typical symptoms occur: Due to the reduced lateral force, the wheels lose their grip in the curve – and the vehicle can start to skid. Then, at the latest, you should take action and get new shock absorbers.

Those who choose ATEC shock absorbers receive a top product in the best OE quality – at a low price. The IATF-16949 certified manufacture of our products ensures from the outset that all ATEC own-brand shock absorbers are manufactured exclusively with high-quality materials that meet the latest EU standards. Whether with gas pressure or oil pressure – thanks to our diverse range, you can buy exactly the ATEC shock absorbers that your vehicle model needs.

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