• Best OE-quality
  • Production according to IATF-16949
  • Top price/performance ratio
  • Exhaust gas turbochargers with wastegate
  • Variable VTG adjustment
  • Default setting ex works
  • High load capacity

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ATEC turbochargers – Product description

ATEC turbochargers are manufactured exclusively with high-quality materials in accordance with IATF-16949 certification. Thus, they can do justice to their assigned task in the best possible way. Turbochargers compress the combustion air supplied to the engine. This compression allows a much better filling of the cylinders. The result: a significant increase in engine performance with lower consumption and better emission values.

Due to these predominantly positive effects, turbochargers are increasingly being installed in vehicles. Thanks to downsizing (reducing the displacement), better exhaust gas values can be achieved without loss of power. In the event of a loss of power or a turbocharger defect, it is particularly important to act quickly. If the early symptoms are ignored, there is a risk of capital engine damage.

Anyone who buys ATEC turbochargers not only benefits from the best OE quality at a top price-performance ratio. Thanks to the generous scope of delivery and 360° quality control, including fine balancing and ATL pre-setting ex works, you receive a ready-to-install turbocharger that requires no adjustment whatsoever.

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