Water pumps

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ATEC water pumps – Product description

Internal combustion engines depend on regular cooling. It is not only the thermostat and the radiator that play a decisive role here. A properly functioning water pump is indispensable in the internal cooling circuit. This generates the necessary flow to channel the coolant through the cooling circuit. The water pump has the central task of ensuring that the correct operating temperature is reached and maintained in the engine compartment. The timing belt is now responsible for driving the water pump in most vehicles.

A defective water pump can have devastating consequences and even result in engine damage. You should therefore order a new water pump quickly at the first sign of a defect. Typical symptoms can be, for example, noticeably high engine temperatures or a loss of cooling water indicating a leak.

Since the replacement of the water pump should usually be accompanied by the simultaneous replacement of the timing belt, ATEC offers a diverse selection of timing belt sets, which of course also include a precisely fitting water pump of the same brand. If you decide to buy a water pump from our own brand ATEC, you will receive a high-quality, durable product in OE quality at particularly attractive conditions.

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