Windscreen wiper motors

  • Best OE-quality
  • IATF-16949-certified
  • Wide range of windscreen wiper motors
  • Top price/performance ratio
  • High-quality materials
  • High load capacity

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ATEC windscreen wiper motors – Product description

To do their job reliably, windscreen wipers must be driven by a wiper motor. The wiper linkage forms the connection between the wiper blade and the engine. A rotary switch on the indicator lever usually activates the windscreen wiper motor.

If the windscreen wipers freeze and the wiper motor no longer makes any noise, there is most likely a defect.

Without a functioning wiper motor, you only have a limited view of the road traffic – and driving safety automatically decreases. This can be particularly dangerous in heavy rain and snow. Therefore, you should already take care of a replacement at the first symptoms and order a new ATEC windscreen wiper motor.

ATEC windscreen wiper motors not only impress with their high-quality electronics and the resulting increased service life. Those who choose a windscreen wiper motor from our own brand ATEC can also look forward to a top price-performance ratio for almost all vehicle models.

With IATF-16949 certified manufacturing in selected production facilities, we ensure OE quality for all ATEC products. This means you can buy a new wiper motor that will ensure a long-lasting clear view thanks to high-quality materials and clean workmanship.


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